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Fishing is a big part of the Bonairian culture and in front of It Rains Fishes there are several boats that leave daily in the early morning to go fishing.

Upon return the catch is immediately cleaned in front of our restaurant. Depending on the catch of that day, many of these fish can be found on our menu for ourĀ dinner courses.

On top of our local fish we also fly in fresh fish from various countries like Holland, the USA and Canada.

Through this website we aim to give you a good idea of what you are about to encounter when you visit ‘Fishes’, so please take a look at our menu and find out what’s new. We make food look good, taste good and you feel good! Learn about the restaurant’s history and make a reservation online.

Check our lovely wines that go very well with our appetizers and have a look at our cocktail and drinks menu, to find your favorite before or after dinner drinks!

For our guests who want to experience something special, we have the Epic Water Taxi Lunch to Klein Bonaire at appropriate times!